This book is dedicated to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who found me where I was, restored me and made me whole in preparation for my husband. Thank You forever.

To my Husband – You’re such an amazing man and I will forever be smitten by your love for me and our story!

To my late Mother, Shirley Jean Hill – Thank you for passing along the gift of writing to me. Thank you for being the example you were which is the sheer epitome of the woman I am today. It was you who led me to Christ and I hope you’re looking down from Heaven at me with a smile on your face.

To all of my Daughters – Love God. Love yourself. Allow real love to find you where you are!

To my earthly Father, Cedric C. Hill, who passed away this year, thank you for being a good father to me. You demonstrated what a real man is. You loved my family unconditionally! Lacy and I take great pride and joy knowing that we were the two whom God allowed to speak with you hours before you transitioned. I relayed your message and we too will love you forever.